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1. Once you have placed your order and made payment we will place the order with the warehouse.  We should receive acknowledgement 24 – 48 hours after we place your order with the warehouse (unless order is placed on a Friday or weekend in which case processing may take a day or two longer).  Once we have shipping information we will send you tracking information and the shipping companies phone number (this does not apply to sample doors, we will send you just a tracking number).  Please call shipper to set up a delivery time that works for you. If you are not there when the truck arrives and the driver leaves there will most likely be a delivery fee that you must pay so it is important that you are there at the scheduled time. If the driver is late feel free to call the trucking company to find out where they are at.

2. The truck will arrive and they will bring the Pallet or Crate to the back of the truck, it is your responsibility to get it off from there, most truck drivers will assist you with unloading to the street but not on all occasions. If you have purchased lift gate service they will set it on the curb and it will be your responsibility to off load from there, they will not bring it into your home so make sure you are able and have plenty of help.

3. Once it is offloaded from the truck you need to check the boxes for visible damage, some boxes will have tears and rips but the materials inside are fine just peer into the tear or rip and see if there is anything wrong, if you do see cabinet damage you must note it on the bill of laden   provided by the truck driver.  This will allow my supplier to fill out a claim with the trucking company so they can get reimbursed, this also allows you to get a replacement part. Once you have checked for visible damage than the next thing to look for is are all the cabinets and trim there. Please count all cabinets and trim before the truck driver leaves and note shipped complete. If there are parts missing please note it on the Bill of Laden so that you can get parts replaced.  NEVER REFUSE A SHIPMENT OR ELSE YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL RE-SHIPPING CHARGES.

4. Now you are assembling your cabinets and you have a missing part or a piece is damaged. If the side of your cabinet is scratched and it goes between two cabinets assemble and install it will never ever be seen and it does not affect the integrity of the product, now if the panel is broke in half that is a different story. I always recommend ordering a touch up kit with every order, after all the miles traveled and boxes moved around you could have small nicks in the finish, a touch up kit will eliminate all most all of these blemishes. This will also keep you on schedule instead of waiting for a new part. Please open and assemble all cabinets, if there is a part that is severely damaged and needs replaced please follow these steps.
a. Identify part I.E.  B24 left wall side or W3030 Top or missing shelves or missing shelf clips.
b. Take a picture of the damage
c. Compete all assembly of cabinets that are not damaged and then compile a list of damages and pictures and send them to www.thecabinetbarn@hotmail.com .
d. Damage can occur but is not always certain. We will send replacements as soon as possible, we will send tracking information once we receive it.
e. You have 10 days from the time of receipt to get all of your information sent for replacement parts.


1. We do accept returns, please make sure your order is correct before you place it, incorrect orders can be very costly and most likely not beneficial to return. This is how returns are handled.  See section 2

2. 20% restocking fee and you pay all shipping charges back to the warehouse of origin.  Boxes must be unopened and resalable. If damage occurs during shipping
We will not be able to give a refund for that cabinet or part. If you have assembled it, it is yours to keep. Shipping product of this nature is different than let’s say a pair of pants or a TV.  It can be very costly to ship so I highly recommend that you are very sure of the cabinets you are ordering. Refunds can take up to 30 days.

3. We will pay and take back all returns if the fault lies with The Cabinet Barn.

4. You have 10 days from the time of receipt to return any cabinets


1. Back orders can happen and can take as long as 120 days before replenishment. If a back order occurs we will let you know and maybe you can rearrange your cabinets to accommodate what is in stock. We will let you know a time frame that the new shipment will be in.  If you decide that you want to wait for the new stock and ship what we have now, you will be responsible for paying shipping charges on all backorder items. Or wait till the stock comes in and ship complete for no additional charges.


1. Shipping to the west coast can take as long as 7-10 days after loaded on the truck, east coast normal time is 4-5 days. This does not include time for processing of orders.

2. Free shipping & palletized orders are for one door style or from the same manufacturer out of the same warehouse. We will notify you if you are shipping out of two different warehouses. There could be additional shipping charges.

3. All items under 70LBS will ship UPS unless deemed not able to ship by UPS, Cabinets over 70 LBS will ship LTL for a Flat Rate Fee of $250.00 + $150.00 for liftgate if you choose that option.Once you have reached $3,000.00 in cabinets from a single manufacturer, shipping is free or $150.00 if you choose the lift gate option Free shipping on all handles/knobs no minimum.

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