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QUESTION: How long once I place my order will it take to get my cabinets?

ANSWER: It takes about 3-4 days to process your order and payment unless ordered on a weekend or friday which may take additional days, 3 days to get it ready for shipping. 3 days east coast to 7 days west coast to ship to your home.

QUESTION: Are the cabinets all wood ?

ANSWER: The cabinet face frame, doors and drawer fronts are solid wood, the trim is solid wood. the rest of the cabinets are plywood, no particleboard. Unless otherwise stated, many painted cabinets have MDF in the center panels of the doors which keeps expansion and contraction down and keeps it from cracking in the joints of the doors and drawer fronts.

QUESTION: Do these cabinets have formaldehyde?

ANSWER: Our cabinets are all CARB2 Compliant and are tested for formaldehyde when they enter the port in California. This is the standardized testing for all products when they enter the United States and are strictly adhered to.

QUESTIONS: Can these cabinets be modified at the warehouse?

ANSWER: These are stock cabinets in a box. they are purchased as is. They are modifiable by you and we can assist you with how to do this.

QUESTION:  If a cabinet is out of stock can I get the cabinets now and than ship the back order later?

ANSWER: Yes, but if you choose this you will have to pay shipping on the backordered cabinet. Or you can wait and ship together for one price or free depending upon the dollar amount.

QUESTIONS: How long does it take to get back orders in ?

ANSWER: Sometimes as little as a few day or in some cases if replacements have just been ordered it could take up to 90 days. If that is the case we suggest reconfiguring your kitchen with what is in stock.

QUESTION:  Are the cabinet sides finished to match ?
ANSWER: Yes the cabinets are finished to match, no skins needed

QUESTION: Are the cabinet doors reversable for left or right hinges

ANSWER:  Yes, you can flip the door over or before installation flip the cabinet over.

QUESTION: Are the blind corner bases and walls usable for the left or the right side ?

ANSWER:  Yes they can be installed for the left or right side, they are reversable.

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